Friday, August 9, 2013


Today I read the words, “We choose hope.” Though I can’t say why the words made me pause.


It is such a beautiful word. It is that lovely illusion of what might be if the stars line up right; that world that could possibly exist if I cross my fingers and toes tightly enough. I thought about what I’ve hoped for over my lifetime. I’ve hoped endless hopes from trite to sublime. I don't remember a day I didn’t hope.

I started with a child’s hopes: for presents and toys and snow days from school. Then it was straighter hair, a new outfit, a day at the beach and, of course, the cute boyfriend du jour. Over time hope morphed to include a home, a family, a pretty garden and flowers, the luxury of a captivating book and maybe a good cup of coffee.

Hope never sat idle. One day I found myself hoping for cures and miracles, and progress and words, and a place to fit in. Some of those hopes became reality and some did not, and they fell outside the realm of possible. I never regretted the unrealized hopes. They served as the conduit that took me through the challenging days and shined a light forward. Hope propelled me into tomorrow.

And those hopes that fell by the wayside unfulfilled? Though their time has passed, I hold those particular hopes dear. They remain in a special place, saved for those who will come after us. 

So what of today? Yes, I choose hope. I will always choose hope. I can't imagine a future without hope. And so for now, I hope for Sam’s safety. I hope for his happiness. I hope he will understand when I am no longer here that I would never willingly leave him. I hope he will always know love. I hope one day he finds his place. I hope we all find our place. 

I hope.

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  1. just a beautiful post...and a great description of the many forms that hope can take. it's not just one thing, it's something that follows us and in many cases leads us and shapes our sense of what's possible. thx for this post.

    1. I don't know how I missed this comment, but thank you belatedly for the thoughtful words.