Friday, April 25, 2014


She leaned into me saying, “Let’s face it. We all have our challenges.”

With that, she shot a meaningful glance over at Sam and quickly looked back at me. It took a moment for what she’d said to register. To understand the implication. I put my coffee down and wrapped my arm around Sam as if to protect him. He was busy, head down, playing hangman. It was all but impossible to tell if he had been listening.

I quickly changed the subject worried what Sam might glean from this conversation. Sam focused on his game, though. Her innuendo hadn’t registered.

I wondered, how could her perception of my life could be so far off base? Still, I didn't correct her. I didn't try to convince her of the happiness in my home. She would still see heartache. Hardship. A mistake. People see what they want to see. I no longer waste my energy that way.

Yes. We all have our challenges. I surely have mine.

I wish I had a better attention span. I wish most days had more hours. It would be nice if Mr. Dog stopped chewing my chairs and stayed off the beds. I’d like a good night’s sleep. Finding time for a haircut would be a luxury. More order in my universe, nirvana.

These are garden-variety challenges. The kind you moan about over lunch with a good friend and quickly dismiss. I don’t think I’ve ever used the words “Sam” and “challenge” in the same sentence, though.

I’ve had it good: I’ve had the benefit of caring parents, a good education, a happy home filled with family and many thoughtful friends. And I have Sam. Beautiful, glorious Sam.

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