Friday, August 1, 2014

For just one day

I am forgetting autism for just one day.

I am going to rub my eyes and see only Sam for just one day. I will not see his actions through the lens of autism. When Sam echoes my words I will see the compliment in his imitation of me. If he speaks in gibberish I will enjoy the melody of his voice without of prompting a sentence back.

For just one day I will let Sam be.

For just one day I won’t care that people judge or watch us curiously. I will not use the yardstick of others. I will not measure Sam in any way. I will simply see the sparkle in his eyes and enjoy the warmth of his smile. I will watch his favorite movies again and again. I will recite familiar words and appreciate their power to connect us.

For just one day follow Sam’s lead. I will laugh until it hurts. I will color happy colors and sing happy songs. I will live in the moment. I will forget about tomorrow. I will delight in what I have.

I will fight no fights. I will put the soapboxes away. I will brush all worries to one side. For just one day I will leave autism behind what spend time with the boy who makes my life complete. For just one day we will be. 

And when I return to tomorrow's planning, I will remember the boy and not the autism. 

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