Thursday, August 29, 2013

A burp in the conversation

Conversations. We are desperate for them. Closing circles of communication has been a focus for as far back as I can remember. I am constantly on the hunt for ways to communicate.

Sam isn’t often in the mood to chat, though. His communication attitude is laissez-faire at best, leaving me chasing down topics other folks might find unusual or even undesirable.

Exhibit A from last night:

(Loud belch) He burp-ed
Thank you for sharing that. I heard you. The word is ‘burped.’ Now, who burped?
He burp-ed. The Sam burp-ed.
It’s ‘burped.’ (my finger pointed at Sam’s chest) Who burped?
         I burp-ed.
Sam the word is ‘burped.’
I burped. Is loud.
Yes it, was. Ewwww.
Is disgusting.
Yup. And….
Feel good.
Great. Happy to hear it.
(With pride) Is disgusting. Sam is disgusting. Yes.
Yes, Sam is disgusting. What do you say when you burp?
I burp. The Sam burp. ‘Scuse me.
Ex-cuse me.
EX-cuse me.
(Another burp) ‘Scuse me.
I give up. Whatever.
(Laughing) Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.

I am thrilled to chat with Sam about his burp. What does that say? It doesn’t matter. I just heard the toilet flush. God only knows where that conversation will take us.

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