Friday, February 24, 2012

Cheeseburgers, literally speaking

Living with a literal thinker can lead to some interesting situations.

Sam was looking forward to a night out at a local restaurant with cheeseburgers as the main event. Anxious to be on his way he surmised the only thing stopping him from getting his cheeseburger was Erika. The solution was simple. Erika had to go. And now.

Sam approached Erika saying, "Goodbye Erika." He took her hand tried to direct her to the door. But Erika was busy giving me an update of the afternoon's progress. Again he said, "Goodbye Erika." This was quickly followed by another "GoodBYE Erika."

Erika still didn't leave. Finally pulling out all the stops, he resorted to eye contact. Sticking his face in hers he said emphatically, "Goodbye Erika!" He tried again to pull her toward the door.

"Hang on Sam. We are almost done." I said as we wrapped up our conversation. Erika headed to the family room to collect her things. Sam watched her, clearly concerned. Any direction except the door was the wrong direction.  Anxiously he said, "Mommy!! Goodbye Erika!!"

"Do you want Erika to go?" I asked. "Yes!" he replied with enthusiasm. Without thinking I said, "Well then, go say goodbye to Erika, bring her to the door and kick her out."

With a plan in place he ran up to to Erika. Showing how well he could take direction, he lead her by the hand to the door and said, "Goodbye Erika!"

And then with an extra big smile, he opened the door and kicked her.

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    1. Kristen, I removed your comment by mistake when i was trying to respond to it! And now I can't figure out how to put it back!!! In any event, it is good to know that literal stuff happens at your house too. I am also glad the skiing ended up ok...