Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The world according to Sam

With a blog currently comprised of about 12 posts, it seems a little soon to be offering up my space to a guest blogger. Still, with Christmas nearly here and my cookies nowhere near completion, I'm turning it over to Sam.

Sam has been posting on facebook for the better part of two years. While he has minimal interest in social media, he’s had a few thoughts to share on his status updates. I’ve placed them into categories but the rest is, well, uncensored Sam.

You've got to admit, he has a way with words.

Greetings and salutations:

i'm an nantucket. hello can you hear me? pancakes today. but is sunny

Hi everybody

hello everybody is good

Hello world

what's on your mind what you thinking about stuff

are you ok?

hello. everybody be happy

Wishful thinking:

There's no school because it's too much sunny

Daddy's car go to market basket cookie in your basket chocolate moose.

no school today

get dressed no school

Sam he drive the car

Words to live by:

Love is good

yes it's a good day. is good because i feel good. i'm happy. everybody be happy

love in my heart. is good

Happy because it's feels good. Get dressed breakfast with daddy. It's a good day

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When all else fails, ask facebook:

Can i have a toast please?

can I have some toast please.?

Toast please

i like a lemon cake please. mommy lemon is good.

punkin cake please.

Mommy's laptop end credits please

i'm thinking about the wii mascascar

Batteries for game boy Sherk two please

i feel sick you need medicine feel better heartburn tooth floss

Hello. I need help. I need help laptop password please.

I’ve got food on my mind:

What's on your mind? I'm thinking about peanut butter

Mommy made ice cream is good

We are at Pi Pizza. Eat pizza

do you like green eggs and ham?

turkey thanksgiving pie brown chocolate pie

No ski ice cream cone from the ice cream truck that has wheels

salad chicken and fish eat chicken you eat it with a fork and a knife

get dresssed pinj is PB and J is good

kelsey is nice. yes i saw kelsey at the restaurant. fish chocolate.

I went to the beach and I ate pizza.

Cookies brown chocolate chips you pop the bubbles red face

And the plan is:

Get dressed scrabble eggs go with dad

get dressed down stairs eat toast on butter

get dressed put on pants put on shirt put on socks tennis shoes. mommy's car get papa and drive to camp code

The plan is first get dress but there's no school because it's too much snow go sledding

get dressed no school game boy go with daddy to breakfast scramble eggs . basketball with dante good plan

shoes mommy's car go get papa and daddy no plan

In case you were wondering

I'm beend right here at the restaurant inside nantuckets

camp i'm home. joe's house sleep in bunk. camp is good. stay home now

No school is Saturday

Really out the snow

Today is wednesday you have school on tomorrow

chocolate. is gone. Sam ate all the chocolate.

There are no Y's in the puzzle


vacation day today. feel good

i went to camp code and i watch t.v. and sand in water beaches.

having a good summer so far. im watching mommy's laptop. on the beach see the sand see the water this person is really great time on the beach. in the nantucket. yes i went to the beach

it's rainy today no swimming

get dressed flip flops today

sam sail on the boat. Funny

July 4th, birthdays and other holidays:

i saw the fireworks at the beach. i sound big bang

thank you everybody. nice birthday yes


Today is July 4. I saw fire truck and water fight. I see fireworks. Happy birthday to me.

Yes happy valentine's day

Is good I see parade. Yellow flowers and red flags

Happy halloween hi mommy hi Sam how are you I'm good hot still hot

white bunny rabbit. Hi everybody today is sunday and happy easter

Happy Father's day to you

vacation down stairs shower on your head

Thoughts on autism

I walk for autism speaks. Is good. Big tent ate muffins. Walk far and yes a lot of people. Feel good. Thank you for helping Sam

I am walking Saturday. I need help. I want help friends.

walking autism feels happy

Do you like the blue? Autism speaks light it up blue. Good. Because it's happy. Thank you.

On sports:

i hit the ball two times. baseball is fun

baseball today. do the waved. eat peanuts

Today is saturday and baseball. i hit the ball on the ground. feel good

Skiing down the hill today. Is good. Feel is cold.

hockey game yes

skiing is on the mountain. i won medals. down the mountaIn. i am all done

i play soccer i kicked the soccer ball and is good

get dressed put on socks put on shoes. dante kick the soccer ball oh i missed it

And the truth is:

i ate mommy's cookies. my toes are cold. i'm not a pest

sam is a pest

sam ate ate all the cookies

yes mommy it's funny

mommy is good

stinky feet

sam is annoying because it feel good

sam felt happy

What makes me happy:

i had fun dancing at the prom

it's raining today. feel good because it's saturday and there's no school

Status is no school today because it's too much snow yes I am happy.

papa's home. good bye the hospital. feel happy

Dancers be carefull don't fall down. I like the dancers.

mommy sing you are my sunshine stop singing

No school because is vacation is good I feel happy

i saw the lion king. is good. i like simba he is a lion. there sing and there dance i like the colors

squeeze him tight yes o.k. dance mommy sings you are my sunshine

Dancing with crystal. Dan was dancing. Potato chips bread cake is good. Yes hey soul sister

It's all in a day:

what's is going on no school get dressed put on socks put on shoes eat cereal brushing my sam's teeth tooth floss flush the toilet           
go to sleep toinght night time

get dressed no school put on pants put on socks

get dressed put on socks cookies not done yet oh

no school. i went too bad

daddy adding numbers you know addition

fold your clothes

get dressed put on pants on socks go see papa. do you like papa? yes i like papa

is one dark out go to sleep

get dressed put on socks then ten shoes

mommy's car wash wipe the and is all clean

Though I don't know how Sam leans politically, there is always the obligatory commentary on the current state of affairs:

is barak obama is he's joe biden he had's a job

Of course there are always those posts that defy explanation:

get dressed mommmy i yelled scared by dr. seuss try again uh-oh that's not a good match

What you keeping down on the snow

what's does the situation like best thundering in nighttime

Exercise you know rave your brain

is sunday yuck in the sink

stuff if broccoli who men yeah this is so much better then you wow

Happy holidays everyone!


  1. I love Sam's posts. Of course, my favorite may be the one he posted on YOUR facebook wall when your laptop was unguarded

    "is 2011 barack obama is he's joe biden he had's a job"

    I have to assume that this is in response to his meeting Joe over Thanksgiving and wanting his friend to keep his job :)

  2. I had forgotten about that one! Of course I went back and added it in...