Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween South of the Border

We've had an interesting relationship with Halloween. I've loved it; Sam has tolerated it. I thought it was all about the costume; Sam did not.

Sam has been a rooster, a Dalmatian, Clifford the Big Red Dog, a dinosaur, a bear, a taxi driver and a very dashing pirate. He has also hated every minute it. Each year I managed to snap a photo, even a pleasant photo, but within minutes, the costume was off. There wasn't enough chocolate in the world to bribe Sam to keep his costume on. As for trick or treating? Completely out of the question.

A few of our Halloween costume attempts

Halloween remained this way until a fateful day at my sister’s house. Sam came upon a giant sombrero. He tried it on. He danced in it. He liked it. 
Trying out the first sombrero
An idea was born. With a poncho and sombrero, Sam became The Mexican. When Halloween rolled around, Sam wore the costume all night. He went trick or treating. It was Halloween gold. It worked so well, we used it the following year… and the following year… and the following year... and the following year until a friend said, “Not the Mexican again. Geez Janet, the poor kid.”
The inaugural Mexican and a couple of years later...

As someone who prides herself on creativity, that statement cut straight to my heart.

My poor Sam. He desperately needed a new identity. I panicked. But in the nick of time inspiration struck. The next time Sam donned his poncho and sombrero, he was was Juan Valdez.
And everyone knows that Juan is Columbian – not Mexican.

Juan Valdez

The following year he was the Frito Bandito hailing from Frito Lay. After that, we ditched sombrero, kept the poncho and became Clint Eastwood. The possibilities were endless. We were on a Halloween roll.
   Frito Bandito                     Clint Eastwood

Now in his late teens, Sam's trick or treat days are behind him. I hear there may be a Halloween Party at school with the obligatory costume. Maybe the time is right to revisit our Mexican beginnings. Before you groan, "Poor Sam" be assured this will be different. With his poncho draped over his shoulder, Sam will channel Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. If you think this is a stretch, consider that unibrow they both have going. 

I think it just might work.
                                                       Frida Kahlo                          Sam


  1. I was going to suggest Frida! (Well, not really, but we are huge fans of her here. Becky did a biography report on her in 4th grade and we have a Frida magnet on the fridge. We even have a cat named after her.)
    This is a very funny post-thanks for the laugh!

  2. Yes, Thanks for the laugh! I wants to suggest some freebies for this Halloween, check it out :