Friday, September 23, 2011

Our friend Shrek

This story is inspired by Kristen and her recent blog about castles...

We are a Shrek kind of household. Through the use of a TV, laptop, iPad and iPod, we can simultaneously view the entire Shrek franchise, versions 1 through 4, resulting in an efficient mishmash Shrek marathon with a very peculiar story line.

On really special occasions we watch random parts of Shrek II while Sam recites Shrek I in my ear, an experience I can only describe as surreal.

And then there is the Shrek music, but that’s a story for another day.

I guess you could say we border on a Shrek obsession. It was through this obsession Sam finally found a kindred spirit.

Shrek is a big, green, misunderstood guy who is disgusting, loud and prefers a solitary life. This is an apt description of Sam as well – right down to the green undertones of his olive complexion.

As it often happens through friendships, Sam was introduced to his ideal mate. Yes, Sam loves Fiona.

Her allure is undeniable: she is a princess with a castle, a kingdom, and many servants. She is also blessed with a powerful ability to belch. Since I do not have a castle, kingdom or any servants, and have been known to discourage bodily noises of any kind, I have been replaced.  It is simply impossible to compete with royalty that belches.

Yes, there are obvious cultural considerations. She is, after all, an animated character. But I’ve seen many relationships with cultural differences work. And, if she makes Sam happy, I will learn to put up with the incessant burping.

Hey, maybe I’ll get to live in a castle. You never know. 

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1 comment:

  1. You DO sound like me a little here. Because my garage was never going to be a castle, and Fiona is never going to pop out of the TV and belch lovingly at Sam.
    However, it's more likely that he find a human version of Fiona than it is that Jack will ever really build me a small pink castle in the yard.
    But I can always dream...